Ready to Worship? Online?

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This is a very strange Saturday.  I’ve already preached my Sunday sermon.  Most Saturdays my mind is consumed with thoughts of the upcoming message and how to enhance and bring it to life. However, we recorded the service on Friday and Lane has been getting it ready. Except for not making me look thinner, it looks great.

It is a very unique time in the history of our nation.  As a church, we have chosen to do what we can to help minimize the risk of the virus and practice social distancing. We have decided not to meet as a church on March 22nd and 29th.  We will reevaluate at that time.  All of this to say, you will worship as a family in your home for at least the next two weeks. What will it look like?

Allow me an opportunity to encourage you in a few things.

  1. Keep your Sunday “normal.” Make Sunday as normal as possible. Wake up at your normal time. Eat breakfast as if it were a normal Sunday. You may even want to pile into the car, drive around the block, and get into a family fight before worship. Again, keep your Sunday normal.  I know some will watch the service in the pajamas or sweats, and that’s sure ok. Others may want to dress in their Sunday best. But up to 10:30 am, create the atmosphere that you are actually attending church.
  2. Pray before the service. We will post our service at 10:30 am. Before the service, pray with your family. Expect God to speak to you.  Expect to be moved by the Holy Spirit.  You are going to church!
  3. Engage in the worship service. Our service will be streamed online. Our worship pastor, Shawn, did an amazing job leading in worship. Sing with him. Pray with him.  Treat it just like you would if you were in the room with Shawn. Parents lead the way.  Your children will follow your lead.
  4. Open the Bible. Follow along. Things are a little different this week. This is more a topical message on attributes of God. But take time to look at scripture. My next series will journey through the book of Colossians. It’s a great book. On Sunday, I’ll be looking at a passage in Isaiah 40 and 43.
  5. Give as a family. This is a great time to teach your children about the importance of giving and its worship implication. In your offering, you are worshiping God, stepping out in faith and acknowledging He is the source of all our blessings. You can give online at I’d encourage you to do this as an act of worship and as a family.
  6. Follow-up – After the service, take time to follow-up. Ask questions to your family. Dad, if you are able, ask your children if they have questions. If they don’t, ask them a question. It can be as simple as, “If God is all-powerful, what does that mean for you?”  “How does that help us right now?”  Your children need to be reassured this week.  Let them know God is in control even over the coronavirus. Remind them it’s temporary and will not last forever.
  7. Plan on eating as a family. Take time to eat lunch as a family. This would be a great place for follow-up.

Be a part of our service. Actively engage in worship. Take notes. If you have any questions, please let me know. It’s not the ideal situation for corporate worship, but you and your family will be blessed. Remember, part of our desire is to take the gospel of Christ from our corner to every corner.  This Sunday we will do just that.  I’m a little excited.  Join our church this Sunday at 10:30 am.  Find us on our public Facebook page: It will be posted on a website later that day.  The church may be online tomorrow, but remember, the church is not where you meet but who you are. We are the body of Jesus Christ.

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