The Coronavirus

samoan bible verses Pretty Do not be afraid I am with you Isaiah 43 5It is an extraordinary time indeed.  As you wake up today, Thursday, March 12, 2020, you find yourself in very uncharted waters. In my fifty some odd years, I’ve never seen anything like this. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization officially declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, The National Basketball Association suspended their season, and the NCAA have decided to play games in empty stadiums.  It is a fascinating time. How should a Christian respond to events like this pandemic?

  1. Do not be afraid – God is sovereign. He knew this virus and has allowed it to hit the United States.  Scripture tells us, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, love, and of self-discipline” (2 Tim 1:7).  God has sovereignly given us an excellent outline to follow in life. Don’t be afraid, love each other, and conduct yourself with self-discipline.  That seems very wise to me. Don’t live in fear. Find practical ways to love others during this time and use measures of self-discipline. 
  2. Do not worry – Likewise, don’t let yourself jump to a conclusion of worry.  We find our contentment in Christ. Remember the Savage paraphrase I gave you on Sunday of Matthew 6:33. “Your commitment to God’s causes and His character will produce your contentment.”  Don’t live in worry. Seek first God’s Kingdom, even during a pandemic. God is! God reigns! And God is in control! Live as if you believe these truths.
  3. Be Wise – Now for the flip side.  Live wisely. If you have a suppressed or compromised immunity, be extremely careful. Do what you can to not put yourself in a position where you can contract this virus.  Keep healthy hygiene habits. Wash your hands. Do everything you can not to spread a cold or flu to others. If you have symptoms, stay home. Some of this is merely using self-discipline and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. To our “older” population in the church, be very careful.  I keep hearing you are at the most significant risk. It’s ok to stay at home. If you need anything, please let me know. Lane and I will be happy to serve you in any way possible. However, we can’t if you don’t contact us. Furthermore, if anyone has symptoms of the flu or a bad cold, please take appropriate actions.  Again I say, it’s advisable to stay home. 
  4. Be Salt and Light – Christians have an opportunity to respond with great faith in God and trust in His care.  Let people see your faith. Talk to them. God may allow you to share why you are not afraid. Many people will be afraid and will be very worried. Let your world know in whom you believe and trust. We are holy, different, and we need others to see our confidence in God.

I want you to know I am taking the Coronavirus very seriously. I realize I am not an expert, but I am in communication with our experts.  God has blessed our church with many doctors and nurses. As of today, we do not have plans to cancel our services or other events. I have opened a dialogue with our doctors and I’m taking their recommendations very seriously. They confirm we are safe to meet.  There are no known cases in Salina. This might, and probably will change. At that time, we will readdress this issue and will get the recommendations of our doctors. This is a very fluid situation. Our decision to continue to meet may change if the virus spreads.  If we must cancel services, we are set up very well. I will be able to teach and preach via our Facebook page. Our Life Group ministry will be even more critical. Please remember, you can continue to faithfully give your tithes and offerings through our online giving function on our website

Don’t be afraid and don’t worry. Be wise. Take good care of yourself and do what you can to personally limit the spread of any illness.  Our older members must be especially diligent in this matter. If you are not connected to our church by Facebook or email, please do so. You can sign-up for our emails at  We have a public and private Facebook page. Please contact me if you would like more information. 

Let me close with two tweets from James Merritt, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor.  “I pray a cure will be developed, the infected will be healed and the healthy will be protected. From a divine perspective, I pray that God would be glorified, the gospel would be magnified, and the church would be edified.”  Will you join me in this prayer? He also sent out this tweet, “The Coronavirus gives all Jesus followers a divine opportunity to display to the world how to respond rather than react. So today I choose worship over worry. I choose faith over fear. I choose peace over panic, believing in a sovereign God who gives saving grace.”  

Join me in the same choice of living for the Kingdom of God.   May God be glorified today and every day. How can God use you to advance His Kingdom during this virus for His glory and the good of others?  


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