A Journey Through Holy Week

It’s Holy Week. We also call it Passion Week. Whatever you call it, it’s the most important week on our Christian calendar. Scholars often debate as to the exact date of the original Passion Week. Andreas Kostenberger and Justin Taylor date the Passion week starting March 29, AD 33.[1] No matter the year you believe the events occurred, Sunday marked “the first day of the last week of his (Jesus) earthly life.” [2]As you prepare your heart for Easter Sunday, I would like to journey with you on your preparation trip. This week, I offer you a few things for your contemplation and consideration. My prayer is that the writings may bless you, encourage you, and prepare you for Resurrection Sunday, the greatest day of the year.

Today is Monday of Holy Week. It’s day two, but much has already happened. You can find the details of Sunday and Money in all four Gospels. I would encourage you to take the time to read the accounts. Matthew begins in chapter 21, Mark in chapter 11, Luke in chapter 19, and John in chapter 12.

As you follow Jesus during His last week of earthly life, you will find every word measured, every step purposeful, and every move calculated to take Him to the cross. Think about this. By Monday night, he had ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah and thus telling Rome a new King was in town. He cursed the fig tree, thus communicating that the nation of Israel was on the chopping block, and He cleansed the Temple, thus putting the religious leaders on notice.  

In two days, He debunked, demoralized, and destroyed the political system of Rome, the nationalism of Israel, and the religious institutions of the Jews. In other words, He sealed His future; He will most assuredly die in a few short days. There is no turning back. Rome could not allow Him to divide the people, and the religious leaders absolutely would not let this imposter destroy their religious ideologies. They will not take His life, but He will lay it down on His own (John 10:18).

The events of Sunday and Monday remind us that salvation has nothing to do with our political ties or party affiliation. It has nothing to do with our country of origin or national pride. Salvation has nothing to do with religious rituals. Instead, salvation has everything to do with a relationship with Jesus, the Prince of Peace. He is our Passover lamb, and life is found only in Him. Follow the trail this Easter season and see our Savior walking steadfastly to the cross. With courage and conviction, Jesus will be our atonement. Day one and two seal His future. The cross awaits the Lamb of God, and there’s no way out.   

[1]            Kostenberger, Andreas J., and Justin Taylor, The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived, Crossway, Wheaton, IL, 2014.

[2]            Ibid., 28.

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