Happy Thanksgiving

The older I get, the more the holidays mean to me.  All of our kids and grandchildren are planning on being with Heidi and me on Christmas.  We absolutely can’t wait.  I love Christmas.  I’ve been wearing Christmas socks to preach in for weeks.  I’ve been watching Christmas movies, not for weeks or days, but many months. I love Christmas.  However, I can get ahead of myself.  I also love Thanksgiving; there is something special being with family and having our hearts reminded of the bounty of blessings we have in Christ.  

Let me encourage you with something relatively simple.  Before going all-in for Christmas, take time to live in thanksgiving to God. In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul commands us to “give thanks in all circumstances.”  I know this can be especially hard for many.  If you are finding it hard to be thankful this season, let me offer you two verses.  Read each one; meditate upon them; I think the Spirit of God will move you to thanksgiving.  First, read Mark 15;25.  Don’t go too quickly to the next verse, but, in time, read 2 Corinthians 5:21. 

If that doesn’t help, maybe this article I read this morning reminding me of the Christian roots of Thanksgiving would help.  

Here is an excellent quote from the article. “Thanksgiving was (and still is) founded on the Christian notion we have something to be thankful for and someone to be thankful to.” I hope you enjoy the article. Behind every gift, there is a giver. Remember to give thanks for the gift and the giver.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Heidi and I love each of you and are richly blessed by having you in our lives. 

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