Creating Space to Enjoy Christ

November 29, 2020 was the first of four Sundays in Advent.  Advent is a time of waiting and expecting.  For me, Advent is a way of creating space. In the rush of the season, Advent focuses me on Christmas and allows me to better appreciate Christmas’ true meaning.  At Christmas, I am reminded that God became man to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many. This season sparks attitudes of gratefulness, awe, wonder, reverence, and worship to Jesus.  Advent helps me to appreciate this season and Advent creates a longing in my heart and an expectation for the Second Advent, the coming of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

This year, Heidi and I are using David Mathis’ The Christmas We Didn’t Expect. It has a series of twenty-four short devotions.  While we are not commanded by Scripture to observe Advent, I do so out of devotion to my Lord, not duty. I observe Advent every year as an opportunity, not an obligation, to worship the newborn King. Today is November 30.  Tomorrow I will wake up and read chapter 1.  Heidi will get up a little after me and also read chapter 1.  We will spend time talking about the reading and then pray together.  I look forward to these sweet days with my wife, and I look forward to deepening my love for Jesus. 

Jesus came on a rescue mission to redeem me. My heart will be still this season, and I will enjoy the wonder and reverence of the manger. As I look back, I will also look forward in humble expectation at the coming of my King, the Second Advent.  I will long a little more this season to know Christ better and enjoy Him a little more deeply. Until He comes again, may I be found faithful. 

Merry Christmas.  Be still… create space… enjoy Advent.

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