God has a plan

He is risen

It’s Easter morning, 2020.  I had so many plans for Easter weekend; pastors always have ideas and plans for Easter Weekend.  I am always overwhelmed with our Good Friday Service.  Our Easter outreach is so much fun.  I love seeing our church reaching into the community and blessing her. I’ve attended 5 Easter Sunrise Services; this would have been 6.  Our Easter Worship Celebration would have been amazing.  The sanctuary would have been full, the music amazing, and even the sermon would be good that day.  But God had a different plan. Our church is gathering online for the fourth week in a row. I keep telling our people we are the scattered gathered church every Sunday at 10:30 am.  I woke up in a little bit of a funk, but I realize God’s plan is always better than my plan.  It’s still Easter, and He is still risen.  Here are some thoughts for you today.

It’s Easter, and Jesus is risen.  He is alive. 1 Peter 1:3 reminds us He is our “living hope.”  I was able to meet with my church on Facebook live this morning at 6:45 am.  I was able to share it with them for about 45 minutes. Probably too long for some, but it blessed my heart to see the people gathering with me as the church.  Most Sunrise services we are freezing and trying to figure out how to cut things short.  Today, I was able to speak and hopefully bless those who heard. God’s plan is better than mine.  Oh, did I mention, many more people will hear today’s Sunrise Service than ever before.  God’s plan is better.

At 10:30 am, our church will gather on Facebook for our Easter Service.  It’s not ideal.  In fact, I don’t like it much.  But is it the right thing to do.  We love our neighbors and people of Salina enough to stay home.  We know the church is not about where we are but who we are.  Church, I also want you to know, because of the safer-at-home order, more people will hear the good news of our Living Hope today than maybe any single day in the history of man.  Millions of people who may not have attended church today will listen to church online.  Preachers will preach a risen Lord, and they will point the lost to salvation in Jesus alone.  Let me assure you, the “Safer-at-home” order is worth it if people hear about Jesus.  Have you noticed; God’s plan is always better than our plan?

As you begin your Easter Sunday, plan on joining your church and supporting your pastor today.  He is working very hard for you, and he loves you greatly.  Today our gathering is different, but let me promise you, the enemy can not keep the church from gathering to celebrate our risen Lord.   It’s different in some ways but also the same in many other ways. Worship Jesus today and every day.

God always knows best. Trust in Him.  Join us at 10:30 am at https://www.facebook.com/fsbcsalina/.

Happy Easter! He is risen.

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