Psalm Readings for October 17

Today’s Psalm Readings: 17, 47, 77, 107, and 137

The Book of Psalm is an amazing book. There are many times I read the pages of the book and sit amazed and overwhelmed at the goodness and greatness of God. Psalm 17 is an amazing chapter with two remarkable promises. First, the Psalmist asks God to keep him the apple of his eye.  In the margin of my Bible, I wrote, “Praise God 8/27/03.”  I still praise God with this promise. Consider this for a moment. You are the apple of God’s eye. As if that is not enough, we are reminded we will see Him face to face.  That is too much for my mind to comprehend too much for my soul to conceive. God is too holy for us to see. However, the greatest and most mind-blowing promise of all is we will see God face to face (Revelation 22:4).  If you have read scripture, you know the type of promise this is. Oh the glorious thought of seeing God face to face.  It is absolutely too wonderful for me.

Did you notice the joy in the worship of God in Psalm 47?  Do you ever feel like our worship services are more funerals than joyous worship to God our great King?  Now, jump to chapter 77.  Consider the 6 question the psalmist asks:

Will the Lord reject forever?
Will he never show His favor again?
Has His unfailing love vanished forever?
Has His promise failed for all time?
Has God forgotten to be merciful?
Has He in anger withheld his compassion?

Isn’t that interesting.  Notice the idea that His unfailing love might vanish and His promises fail.  How can unfailing love vanish?  Have you ever felt this way?  What do you do when you feel like the psalmist?

  1. Remember the deeds of the Lord (Verse 11) – The faithfulness of God in the past will assure us of His faithfulness in the future.
  2. Meditate and consider His works (Verse 12) – Don’t simply remember but chew on your memories. Really stop and think deeply on God’s faithfulness.

Now in an attitude of prayer, read verses 13-20, and see what a mighty God you serve.  Now don’t forget what you learned earlier in Psalm 17.  You are the apple of God’s eye.  He is faithful and you can trust Him. His unfailing love will not vanish and his promises will never fail.  He is worthy to love and trust.

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